World Warrior Burritos: Street Fighter 6 and Chipotle team up to give players free rewards

The road to becoming a true martial artist is still long...

Get your orders in now, because Street Fighter 6 is officially partnering with Chipotle for its launch on June 2. This means players can get a number of free rewards that range from in-game items to support for competitors in the fighting game community.

To start, players who order food on the Chipotle app can earn Fighter Coins, SF6s premium currency. This means you get a code for 250 Fighter Coins to use on various items like character outfits, stages, avatar gear, and more for a limited time.

Chipotle Rewards members can also exchange points for an additional 250 Fighter Coins code. 

Image via Capcom
Image via Capcom

As part of this partnership, Chipotle will bring back its Chipotle Challenger Series on June 17, this time with SF6 in a two-on-two bracket. The two teams who finish at the top will split a share of $30,000, get free Chipotle for a year, and a paid trip to Evo 2023.

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This is just the latest partnership for Chipotle in the FGC, as the restaurant is the title sponsor for Evo 2023 and a sponsor for Combo Breaker 2023, with IRL incentives already in place for players attending those events.

This partnership will provide Chipotle with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the passionate and dedicated fighting game community and to create innovative activations in-game and in-real-life within Street Fighter 6, Chipotle Challenger Series, Evo, Capcom Pro Tour, and Combo Breaker throughout 2023, RTS head of partnerships Jason Scorrano said.

This innovative partnership will shape the future of the fighting game community and how brands connect with it in meaningful ways.

The rewards extend to players watching SF6 matches on Twitch too, with Chipotle set to give out 500,000 orders of chips and guacamole to viewers watching select Twitch channels starting at SF6s launch.

You can read more about the partnership and its terms on Chipotle’s site. Or, if you are headed to Combo Breaker, just advance through your bracket for a free entree.

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