World Series of Warzone turmoil heats up after streamer team makes stunning roster change

The drama may be more exciting than the matches.

The World Series of Warzone streamer team of HusKerrs, Unrational, and ScummN were the main characters on social media this past weekend after a roster change turned sour.

ScummN brought the news of the roster swap to light, announcing on May 21 that he’d been dropped from the trio and was looking for a new team for the Stage One semiifinals, which were recently postponed due to ongoing server issues.

“Im praying on yalls downfall and I hope yall doing absolutely fucking terrible,” ScummN said in a poignant tweet on May 21, which quickly made the rounds in the Warzone and streaming communities alike.

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HusKerrs soon responded, and the Twitter drama scene was eating it up throughout the day.

“Decided to part ways with Scum for multiple reasons and will be finding a new third for WSOW moving forward,” HusKerrs tweeted. “Not sure why he felt the need to tweet this, but I wish him and his future teammates the best in managing his immaturity, negativity, and lack of teamwork.”

The juiciness continued into the evening as both Unrational and ScummN made appearances on Repullze’s Pullze Check Podcast to talk about their feelings on the situation. ScummN eventually sent screenshots of a group text to Repullze, and the discussion went on for nearly an hour. ScummN’s segment can be found in the Twitch VOD of the podcast at about the 1:21:00 mark after Unrational’s segment, which is at about the 52-minute mark.

“Feel betrayed in a friendship, feel scammed out of money and a spot in the biggest tourney of the year,” ScummN said on Twitter. “Sorry Im not the best at controlling my emotions, but I do believe I have the right to feel the way I do, especially when theyve been plotting for days goodnight.”

CoD players dropping teammates and friends or changing up their plans for a tournament is nothing new. It’s about as timeless in the CoD competitive scene as OpTic and FaZe. But it’s still easy to feel for ScummN, who’s now left to try and find a new group for WSOW.

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One thing is for sure after all of this online drama: If it somehow works out that ScummN’s new squad ends up facing off against HusKerrs and Unrational in the final circles of an important WSOW match, it will make for some amazing cinema.

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