Wolfey Glick’s Pokémon Twitch Rivals event gets a date, and the doors are open for competitors

Another fun Pokémon tournament is on the way.

Last month, Pokémon World Champion and content creator Wolfe Wolfey Glick announced he would be partnering up with Twitch Rivals to host a more casual Pokémon competition. And today, he dropped more details on the tournament.

Pokémon Twitch Rivals will officially be held from March 22 to 23 with a total of 64 players. Anyone interested in joining the event must be a Twitch partner or affiliate to apply.

According to Twitch’s schedule, Day One will have the players play through the game while building teams for the following day. On Day Two, players will battle each other, starting with a round-robin in eight groups of eight. From there, theyll be split into four divisions based on records, with a single elimination bracket for each division.

This isnt the first time Wolfe is hosting a casual Pokémon tournament, either. The Twitch event comes two months after the Wolfe Glick Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Invitational, which featured Ludwig, Sykkuno, and LilyPichu among other popular content creators.

Since none of the participants were too familiar with the VGC format, the tournament was more about providing good entertainment and having fun.

Pokémon Twitch Rivals will likely follow that event’s example.

And while we dont know which creators will be participating in Pokémon Twitch Rivals yet, we can expect a fun-filled event with thrilling battles and great commentary from Wolfe. Tune in on March 22 and 23 to see who will be competing and how it all plays out.

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