Wolfey Glick is partnering with Twitch to host a massive Pokémon tournament

A more casual competitive Pokémon tournament.

Former Pokémon World Champion and content creator Wolfe Wolfey Glick revealed on Twitter yesterday that he has a huge potential Pokémon tournament in the works which is being made a reality by partnering up with Twitch Rivals.

If youve never heard of Twitch Rivals before, it operates as an official slate of programming on the live streaming platform that gives gaming content creators from all backgrounds a showcase for competitive play, broadcasting specially organized gameplay competitions with game-show-style formats along with grand prize pools.

If this is any indication of what Wolfes upcoming tournament is going to be like, were absolutely ready for it.

Wolfe also mentioned in his tweet that there will most likely be 128 peopleTwitch content creators, in this casein a more casual Pokémon competition taking place at the end of March.

In a follow-up tweet, Wolfe cleared out doubts of the public by adding that participants need to have Twitch partner or affiliate status to participate in the upcoming creator-driven tournament.

Wolfe Glick is no stranger to constructing and hosting events of such a massive scale. Towards the end of January, Wolfe hosted a Pokémon VGC Invitational tournament which had creators like VoiD, Ludwig, JaidenAnimations, and others duking it out to become the winner. Unsurprisingly, VoiD took home the coveted trophy.

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Before that, Wolfe opened a real-life Pokémon gym in the heart of New York City, a limited-time event where the general public could walk in and take part in the Gym challenge in the VGC format, concluding with a face-off against the 2016 World Champion Wolfe Glick and earning a custom Gym badge if you beat him.

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