Winston player proves how one underrated trick can make all the difference in Overwatch 2

"Sorry about that!"

One key part of Winston’s rework for Overwatch 2 has since gone largely forgotten. A player recently showcased how this crucial element of his kit can prove itself very useful.

A Winston player shared a video compilation in a Reddit thread on April 23 showing the use of the tank’s secondary fire to finish squishy or low-HP opponents.

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The Tesla Cannon’s alternative fire can be used with the right-click. It can also be maintained to charge up a beam and then released as a projectile.

This is an ability that’s somewhat forgotten by longtime players since it was part of Winston’s rework for Overwatch 2and the player showed how it can make a big impact.

The clip above shows how, with precise aim and strong game sense, the tank can finish opponents using this underrated ability.

It can change the course of a match since, in addition to an expanded range, Winston can save himself a jump that might save him later. The thread rapidly gained traction on Reddit, with many players discovering this ability for the first time while others discovered a hidden facet of the dive tank.

“This makes me want to try Winston,” one player said. “Can I be honest? I forget he can do that sometimes, the alt fire,” another added. “I never knew he could do this.”

Winston has meanwhile yet to receive a single balance change since Overwatch 2 released on Oct. 4, 2022.

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