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Will progress be wiped at the end of the New World open beta?

Try not to fall in love with your beta character.

The open beta for Amazon Games upcoming MMORPG, New World, is now live. For the next four days, players will have the chance to test out New World for free before the game officially launches later this month.

Starting today, players will be able to level through New World and make as much progress as they can before the open beta testing period comes to a close. Dont get too attached to whatever character you create during the games open beta, however, because they’ll get deleted completely when the servers shut down on Sept. 13 at 1:59am CT.

Will New World beta progress carry over to the full game?

Although you can theoretically reach the endgame in the open beta of New World, you wont have the chance to start there on the same character once the game fully releases. At the end of the open beta testing period, all progress you make with your characters will be completely wiped.

Over the course of the four-day testing period, youll have the chance to explore nearly all of Aeternum before the servers shut down. Many of the games zones, expeditions, invasions, and professions will be available to test. And while you wont have much time to make real, permanent progress, youll be able to get as far as you wish before having to do it all over again later this month. Thanks to the open betas character wipe, youll have to start the leveling process from the beginning again when the game is fully released on Sept. 28.  

If anything, you should view the open beta testing period as a chance to quickly try out the various weapons and playstyles that New World has to offer, so youre more comfortable with making preemptive decisions for your permanent character once the game is released. 

The New World open beta is available to play for free now on the games official Steam page. New World will be released on Sept. 28.

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