WildTurtle plays first game with TSM since 2017, but fails to find closing moments vs. Evil Geniuses

Welcome back, OG.

One of the most experienced players in the North American League of Legends scene has finally returned home. Jason “WildTurtle” Tran has finally played a game for TSM’s LCS roster, after spending over six years away from the organization.

Although the 28-year-old has been playing on Academy rosters since last year, the veteran marksman looked right at home with the team’s roster against Evil Geniuses.

He stepped onto the Summoner’s Rift with Zeriwho has been a staple for League AD carries around the worldand although his final stats aren’t too impressive, he held his own against one of the best AD carries in the region.

In the early game, TSM struggled to find leads, but WildTurtle kept a significant gold lead over EG’s FBI, which allowed him to scale into the game’s later stages. As the match continued, TSM was given a new lease on life when Solo found a massive three-man Gnar ultimate that led to Elder Dragon and more time to get gold and items.

By the end of the game, however, EG would find a crucial pick on Bugi that swung the momentum firmly into the Geniuses’ hands. It was back-and-forth, but TSM were left with grey screens and much work to do before their next game against Team Liquid.

WildTurtle also finished the game with three kills, four assists, and three deaths, which might look relatively balanced but is also an indicator he wasn’t able to find much impact in the match compared to his other teammates.

It was hard for him to blast through EG’s formidable front line, but with another game on the way, fans are excited to see how well he can adapt over the season.

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