Wild Rift welcomes 2 of LoL’s most toxic champions in Patch 4.1

Get ready for some new entries.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is introducing two new champions in Patch 4.1.

Urgot and Twitch, two of League’s most toxic champions, are making their way to the game in the next patch, according to last night’s patch preview.

When it comes to Urgot, his gameplay won’t differ much when compared to his League counterpart. He will still trigger a blast of flame from each of his legs, while his second ability, Purge, will also continuously fire when he moves. This means Wild Rift players will rely on the same gameplay mechanics for Urgot as League playersthey will have to move and attack enemies at the same time.

Urgot’s ultimate will also remain unchanged in Wild Rift. Riot dev Maddy Wojdak explained that Urgot is a perfect fit for a solo lane, but he could also be brought into the jungle, depending on your team’s preference.

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Similar to Urgot, Twitch will feature an almost identical kit to his League version. The Plague Rat will rely on using Ambush to surprise his enemies, and combine Contaminate and Spray and Pray to serve them quick deaths.

These champions aren’t the only new additions coming to Wild Rift with Patch 4.1. The update will also introduce a number of gameplay changes, a new ranked season, and new events tied to the release of the champions.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 is scheduled to go live on March 16.

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