Wild Rift skins are finally coming to League of Legends after years of players’ appeals

PC gamers rejoice!

Riot Games confirmed exclusive League of Legends: Wild Rift skins will be released on the PC version of the game. Following up on their video from last month, Jeremy Brightmoon Lee and Andrei Meddler van Roon shared Riots plans on the future of skins for League of Legends. Among the first Wild Rift exclusive skins to come to League there are the fan favorite Star Guardian Seraphine, Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah, and Redeemed Star Guardian Rakan.

Image by Riot Games

Three years after the release of the first Wild Rift exclusive skin, Riot confirmed that some of the mobile-only cosmetics will debut on the PC client as well. Although Brightmoon and Meddler didnt share the exact timeline of when League fans can expect these skins to transition to the PC version of the game, they certainly let the community rejoice at this news. 

While some might think that there is no logical reason to why Wild Rift should have exclusive skins, others might dispute that the two games are built on different engines. Its therefore rather difficult, if not impossible, to transport one model into the other game in a matter of moments. However, many cosmetic models in Wild Rift are undeniably more detailed than the ones in League, as showcased by Reddit user MonstrousYi.

Since the mobile version of League launched, fans have asked for Wild Rift skins to be transported on PC as well. The 3D detailed models of the champions and exclusive skins, and the various thematics exclusive to Wild Rift have made PC-only players envious, who sometimes are stuck with decades-old models. 

But while bringing Wild Rift exclusive skins to League is sure to produce a positive reaction from the community, making an effort to revitalize some older-looking champions with ASU and VGU is sure to be a home-run for League players. And for that, Riot also shared that they will be looking at updating some of the cosmetics that came out way before Wild Rift was even theorized, like Rugged Garen. 

Non-final version of Rugged Garens updated splash art via Riot Games

There are no public timelines for when League players can expect new cosmetics and updates to older skins yet, but now they can look forward to seeing more refreshing models on the Rift. 

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