Wild Rift is getting more exclusive skins with Nova Championship line arriving in Patch 4.1

They commemorate the first world champions, Nova Esports.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 will introduce a number of new features and changes, including a fresh, exclusive Nova Championship skin line.

In the Patch preview video dropped on March 2, Alan Moore, executive producer for Wild Rift, showcased the new skins coming to the game with the update. And while there are a bunch of them, players will also find Nova Championship skins for Lee Sin and Riven, which commemorate the first Wild Rift world champions, Nova Esports.

All five players from Nova Esports were allowed to choose a champion for which they want a skin made. And while the preview reveals new looks for Lee Sin and Riven only, Wild Rift data miner channel SkinSpotlights already shed some light on the remaining three skins for Morgana, Lucian, and Nasus.

In terms of all Nova skins, they are dominated by purple, blue, and white colors, which were also the main gradients for the Icons Global Championship 2022. All champions are also toying with a trophy in their short montages in the video, which teases that it could also be an element of their appearance in the game.

Icons Global Championship 2022 was the first World Championship-level event for Wild Rift, and it was held in Singapore from June 14 to July 9 last year. 24 teams from all around the world gathered in the Asian country to fight for a lion’s share of $2,000,000 and the first world championship trophy. In the end, it was claimed by Chinese Nova Esports.

Wild Rift’s Patch 4.1 will also introduce a bunch of other skins and will add Urgot and Twitch to the mobile game. It’s set to release on March 16.

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