Wild Rift is getting 3 new champions in Patch 3.5, including one of Worlds’ finest

Prepare yourself for three spicy additions.

Three popular League of Legends champions are about to make their debuts in Wild Rift.

On Nov. 15, Riot Games uncovered the full list of details coming to the game with Patch 3.5. It will introduce three new champsAatrox, Kayn, and Lillia. The former was one of the most popular champs during the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

Both Aatrox and Kayn will be released with Patch 3.5 on Nov. 17, while Lillia will be added a month later, on Dec. 21 with Patch 3.5b.

Riot also revealed Kayn’s abilities, and they are going to be similar to the League version of the champion. The jungler will still have the option to choose between a tanky Red version of himself and a more assassin-like Blue version. Players familiar with the jungler from League won’t have much to learn in terms of his kit, since his skills are almost a full copy of his original abilities.

The devs didn’t reveal Aatrox and Lillia’s abilities, but judging by Kayn’s kit, there shouldn’t be many changes. The former had a 100 percent pick and ban rate at Worlds 2022, according to a stat site Oracle’s Elixir, making him one of the most popular champions in the meta.

Besides adding three champs to Wild Rift, Riot is also shipping some jungle changes in Patch 3.5. Some items and runes are being tweaked as well.

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