Wild Rift is finally getting one of League of Legends’ most popular novelty modes

The five musketeers

Wild Rift is doing a great job of keeping up with the standards of League of Legends by regularly balancing the game, introducing new champions, and punishing toxic players that ruin it for everyone else. With the latest update, Patch 3.5, Riot Games is bringing one of the most popular League game modes to the game, One for All.

According to the official patch notes, which were released today, One for All is making its first debut in Wild Rift on Nov. 18.

When you log into the game on Nov. 18, there will be a separate queue for the One for All mode. During the pick-and-ban phase, you can ban up to five champions. Once your ban phase is complete, you and your teammates can each choose a champion youd like to play in the next match. Bear in mind you and your teammates are voting on the champion, which youll all be playing in the next match. If a champion has more than one vote, its more likely to be picked.

This unique game mode first made its debut in 2013. Due to the nature of this game mode, both the champions and their abilities had to be tweaked. For example, Brands Blaze enhances damage for all Brands on his team. It will be interesting to see if Wild Rifts One for All will function similarly, or will it have separate mechanics. On top of that, Riot balanced the mode separately from ARAM and Summoners Rift.

One for All launches on Nov. 18.

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