Who’s winning the World Series of Warzone? North America finals updates, standings, scores, and more

Who will be the champions of Caldera?

Caldera takes center-stage today in the 2022 World Series of Warzone North America finals.

Forty teams of three, featuring some of the biggest names in Call of Duty, will be dropping into five games of Caldera to decide the winners of the lion’s share of a $300,000 prize pool.

But that’s not all. All of the competitors will then drop in to one winner-take-all “Solo YOLO” match where one winner will add $100,000 to their bank accounts. Last year, CoD esports legend Scump staked his claim as a Warzone champion by winning a tense one-vs-one against one of Warzone’s highest earning stars Aydan.

Who will take home the biggest prize this year? Stay tuned and follow along below.

Who’s winning World Series of Warzone?
Live updates and scores

  • 1:45pm CT: Good afternoon and welcome to what is possibly the final large-scale tournament in Call of Duty: Warzone. Modern Warfare 2 is just under two months away and Warzone 2.0 should be coming not long after that, so this could be the final chance for NA’s biggest Warzone stars to flex their skills on Caldera.

World Series of Warzone NA finals teams

Invited teams

Apathy, Slacked, FlankedBlazt, Bulieve, Ulquiorra
BBreadman, JoeWo, FifakillzCxrrupt, Mutex, TheJCBaby
Swishem, KenzRosey, QueenShadowTemp, Aqua, Blizzsane
Swagg, LuckyChamu, BooyahRated, Shifty, Ottereyes
Sebas, JDevise, Kaysen OakleyInviicta, JaredFPS, KaylaDelancey
Overgirl, QueenBitty, WinterellasTDawg, Censor, Nero
TimTheTatman, Scump, MethodzHusKerrs, Unrational, Scummn
Aydan, Enveiled, ZSmitZLaner, Sage, Destroy
ShawnJ, Greveey, xMrLerkxSuperEvan, Repullze, Biffle
Tommey, Almond, NewbzTeep, Crowder, NiicoInfinite
Image via Activision

Qualified teams

Skullface, Hisoka, MayappoBraalik, ForeignJase, Exzachtt
Torronix, Empathy, BraxtvnWagnificent, Stellarmoves, BonQ
CasperV, Nobu Spartan, BlingCJayRumbleXL, Knofoe, Dongy
Xenon, Picnick, NickoolZColorss, Ahtract, Stukawaki
Castillo, Lanez, SwayTreq, TreeGamingTV, VSat
Otyme, Rexity, DonzellShadedStep, OPMarked, Yeet
GyroDaBest, WatchWaldo, Colony2KEbatez, Strochez, DJMas23
FaZe Bloo, Inno, LuveyTapvlator, Lonnerd, Nukahhh
Frozone, Intechs, PiemanMP Lookup, MP Robert, MP Cronos
Bartonologist, Dr3w, AlmightyTJMLiamBeams, ClassicPain, Deniro

World Series of Warzone scoring system

In the trios portion of the event, teams are awarded points for scoring kills. Their score is then multiplied depending on their placement, so the winners will need a combination of high kill games and placing well in the match.

  • One kill: one point
  • First place: 2x points multiplier
  • Second-15th place: 1.5x points multiplier
  • 16th-40th place: 1x points multiplier
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