Who Won Minecraft Championships 21: Results, Final Standings, Scores

The latest installment of everyone's favorite Minecraft tournament aired today.

The latest installment of the Minecraft Championships aired on April 30. MCC 21 was the second installment of the event in the second half of MCC season two, and featured fierce competition between the ten competing teams, with the Cyan Coyotes ultimately prevailing.

Quite a few changes were introduced for MCC 21, including a fuzzy surprise based on an April Fools’ joke. After joking they would make all the MCC teams dog-themed, Noxcrew chose three dogs from their replies to add to the MCC hub for this event.

Players who were the first to reach one of the three dogs around the MCC hub during each break attained an advantage that allowed them to collect flowers from the dog. These flowers could then be used in the Decision Dome as three extra votes to increase the likelihood of their desired game being played next.

Image via Noxcrew

MCC 21 also introduced a new feature called “game remixes.” Remixes are a new opportunity for MCC contestants to become more involved by having the option to temporarily change MCC games. Noxcrew will now occasionally work with random MCC players to change some of the rules of the chosen game for a remix. The chosen game and new rules will then be played one time as a special event remix.

In MCC 21, Battle Box was the first game to undergo a remix and Noxcrew partnered with Moesh, who is a game designer for Mojang. Moesh asked for two capture points for the teams and that players only use tridents for the remix.

Image via Noxcrew

Other changes in MCC 21 included increased difficulty for Sands of Time, some slight tweaks to Rocket Spleef Rush, a new map for Parkour Tag, an adjusted coin payout for Grid Runners to award the teams that complete rooms the fastest more coins and two new rooms, a new map for Sky Battle, a return to an older Survival Games map, a new platform shape, new wall shapes, and a new map for Hole in the Wall. Six builds created by the community featured as builds in Big Sales at Buildmart as well, but Big Sales at Buildmart was not played.

The final standings for MCC 21 are as follows. This includes the final coin totals and the team who secured ultimate victory in the finale Dodgebolt duel.

MCC 21 Standings

Final Winner: Cyan Coyotes

  • Sapnap
  • Snifferish
  • KryticZeuz
  • Seapeekay

The finale of MCC 21 featured a Dodgebolt duel between the Blue Bats and Cyan Coyotes. The Cyan Coyotes secured victory in the showdown with a final score of 3-0 in the duel.

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