Who is Valkyrie’s voice actor in Apex Legends?

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Valkyrie has left quite the impression since joining the Apex games.

Originally joining the cast of characters in season nine of Apex Legends, Valkyrie is a pilot who combines aerial surveillance with attacking prowess. Shes also a character steeped in Titanfall lore, as the daughter of Viper, one of the pilot boss fights players took on in Titanfall 2

With such an important character to the vast story of Apex and Titanfall, it was important to get Valkyries voice just right, as the cast of voice actors in the game expanded once more to accommodate the pilot.

Heres who voices Valkyrie in Apex Legends.

Who is Valkyries voice actor in Apex?

Valkyrie is voiced by American voice actor Erika Ishii.

If Valkyrie sounds familiar to you, thats because Ishii voices many characters in popular games and animated series. In addition to Apex, her credits include voicing Ana Bray in Destiny 2, Dr. Wenjie Evans in Deathloop, and Lumu in Halo Infinite

Additionally, theyre a regular presence in several popular TTRPG shows, including Dimension 20, and made multiple guest appearances on Critical Role.

The skies belong to you, Erika.

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