Where to use the Research Center Room key in DMZ

Little additional research is needed to find this one.

For even the most savvy and experienced DMZ players, the new Ashika Island exclusion zone in Call of Duty is a tough challenge. The area may be smaller, but that means higher likelihood of engagements, and much fewer exfil zones that increase the chances of running into enemy players.

Like on Al Mazrah, the Ashika Island map is littered with strongholds, landmarks, contracts, and perhaps most importantly to those looking to beef up their contraband stashes, locked loot locations. A handful of new loot locations that need keys to access are scattered across Ashika Island, and you can find them if you know where to look.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Research Center Room key, or trying to find out where it goes, you’re in the right spot.

Where can I find the Research Center Room key?

Like virtually all keys in DMZ, they drop and appear randomly throughout the map, save for a couple that are earned via faction missions. Sadly, the Research Center Room key is not one of those.

Players can find keys like the Research Center Room key by defeating enemy AI combatants (particularly high value ones), opening normal loot containers, clearing strongholds, and completing contracts.

Where is the Research Center Room?

Image via Activision

The Research Center Room is located on the Ashika Island map, on the western side of the map near the Town Center. It is located in the E5 section of the map, on the eastern edge of the Towne Center, to the west of Tsuki Castle, and to the north of the City Hall landmark/stronghold.

Image via Activision

The Research Center Room is located in a building marked with signs that say Ashika Science Center. There are at least two main floor doors for entry, and there is roof access as well, with a ladder on the side of the building for reaching the roof.

Image via Activision

The Research Center Room itself is on the second floor of the building. Since you are near Town Center, there will be a fair amount of enemy AI combatants to deal with around the building.

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