Where to find Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

There are some prerequisites.

The Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raid Battle Event is the next big challenge for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players to tackle. It follows on from a long list of other Seven-Star Tera Raid events headlined by Charizard, Cinderace, Greninja, Decidueye, Samurott, and Typhlosion.

Like them, it requires players to have reached a certain point in the game to find it. For those who have done that, it’s a relatively straightforward process to find one. Heres what you need to make finding and battling the Ice-type Raid Boss a breeze.

How to find the Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The first step to finding the Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is making sure youve reached the point where youve unlocked Seven-Star Tera Raids.

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To do that, youll have needed to finish the main storyline, see the credits, and make sure you’ve unlocked Six-Star Tera Raids. Itll take a bit of time if you havent reached that point already, but theres no way around it.

Once thats done, follow the steps below to find an Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raid:

  • Connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet, head to the Poké Portal, click Mystery Gift, then Check Poké Portal News. This will update your game if you havent done it already.
  • After that, if you want to find the Tera Raid on the map, open it up and look for a Black Tera Raid crystal giving off a rainbow light effect. Head to that location and walk up to it to begin the raid.
  • If you have a Nintendo Switch Online account and would prefer to search it online to save time, you can do so via the Poké Portal. Simply click on Tera Raid Battle and look for Unrivaled Inteleon, which will have Seven-Stars.

Once youve done all that, all thats left to do is take the Raid on!

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