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Where to find Trivial Mysteries and Secret Chests in Destiny 2 Shattered Realm: Forest of Echoes

Bring your Barrier Breach.

Destiny 2‘s Shattered Realm: Forest of Echoes hides far more than just the location of the lost Techeuns. Players can find a series of secret chests as part of Trivial Mysteries if they know where to look. Looting the chest will automatically conclude the Trivial Mystery, so they are essentially the same thing.

Finding the Trivial Mysteries involves a fair bit of going back and forth through the Ascendant Plane. The effort is worth it, though; each chest has a chance of dropping Season of the Lost weapons and armor, and the Trivial Mysteries are part of the Ley Line Rumors seasonal challenge. To find them, you will need the Barrier Breach power, obtainable from the Wayfinder’s Compass at reputation level two.

Here are all of the secret chests and Trivial Mysteries in the first Shattered Realm activity, Forest of Echoes. Players can solve them in any order, but this is the simplest way we’ve found to trim down backtracking through the Ascendant Plane.

Trivial Mystery one: Left Behind (Ruins)

After activating the first beacon, you’ll get a message saying that reactivated Ley Lines ignite ancient technology. This is your cue that the first batch of Barrier Breach totems are now active, and you can hunt down some Trivial Mysteries of your own.

For the first chest, Make your way to the right of the church and climb on the ledges. You’ll find an Ascendant Anchor here if you haven’t collected it already. Go into the small ruins ahead and you’ll spot a door with a barrier.

Climb to the ledge on the right side, then jump onto the rock and stick close to the wall so you can activate the Barrier Breach inside the ruins through the wall. Walk in and pick up your treasure.

Trivial Mystery two: Twofold Ward (Outer Ruins)

Head back to the church and make a left instead of following the right path to continue the mission. After going up a small incline, you’ll spot some large ruins ahead, filled with Taken enemies. Kill them and hop onto the small destroyed pillar, then jump to the ruined floors above. From there, walk around the wall to find a Barrier Breach totem.

Use the Barrier Breach to go past the barrier blocking the way through the collapsed wall and you’ll find another Trivial Mystery inside. Use the Barrier Breach right by the doorway to backtrack.

All Screengrabs via Bungie

Trivial Mystery three: Entombed (The Catacombs)

Head straight ahead from the Outer Ruins until you spot a small, crypt-like building close to the church, with a Barrier Breach token nearby. Use it, then head inside the catacombs to find another Trivial Mystery (and an Ascendant Anchor). The chest will be down the corridor, where a few Taken enemies spawn. Go back through the doorway you used to enter.

All Screengrabs via Bungie

Trivial Mystery four: Taken Root (The Descent)

After leaving the Catacombs, head straight ahead until you find a cavern to the right, with a Barrier Breach totem nearby. Use it, go through the barrier, and look to the left to find another chest. There’s also an Ascendant Anchor in this area.

Trivial Mystery five: Abandoned (The Mill)

Follow the mission until you activate the second beacon. After triggering it, you’ll get the same reactivated Ley Lines reignite old technology message, which lets you activate more Barrier Breach totems.

The fifth Trivial Mystery is on the Mill, right by the clearing with the second beacon. Jump onto the nearby rocks and make your way to the roof of the building. From there, you can leap onto a ledge with a Barrier Breach totem that will let you enter the mill for another Trivial Mystery. Don’t head out just yet.

All Screengrabs via Bungie

Trivial Mystery six: In Shadow (Harrowed Cliffs)

This one can require some speed. Activate the Barrier Breach totem from inside the mill and rush towards the cave on the right of the beacon. The totem gives you an extremely limited time window, and it can be tricky even for characters with high mobility. Inside, you’ll find a chest and another barrier that will take you to a platform with a few Hobgoblins and an Ascendant Anchor.

Alternatively, you can go the other way around if you’re struggling to make it past the first barrier. Jump up on a ledge near a True Sight totem, then make your way up the rocks and jump down to the chasm with the Taken enemies. You can use a Barrier Breach totem from there, shortening the distance you have to run past.

All Screengrabs via Bungie

Trivial Mystery seven: Deep Defenses (Sunken Caves)

For the last Trivial Mystery in Shattered Realm: Forest of Echoes, you’ll have to go back to the courtyard with statues, where you fought several Taken enemies. Instead of heading into the portal to progress the activity, head to the left and keep going.

You’ll find a True Sight totem on the left side of the courtyard (which would be to the right of the entrance the first time around). You likely can’t activate it yet, but use it as a guide. From there, jump down to a ledge and keep following the path until you reach a clearing. It will have an Ascendant Anchor and a Barrier Breach totem, which you’ll use to open the final chest and solve the last Trivial Mystery.

All Screengrabs via Bungie

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