Where to collect Compromised Intel in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2

Make sure you complete the first Covert Ops quest.

The Covert Ops questline in Fortnite Chapter Three, season two is a series of quests that take place in the game’s new premier mode, Zero Build. Completing Covert Ops rewards players who help The Origin with a variety of tasks with the Secret Sledge pickaxe if they complete all four.

But players can only access each of the four Covert Ops quests if they complete each one in order during the limited time it’s live. If you miss out on one of the quests, you won’t have access to the future ones.

The second quest requires a player to establish a device uplink at an IO outpost, then collect Compromised Intel from IO outposts, all in Zero Build mode.

Where to collect Compromised Intel in Fortnite Chapter Thre, season two

As mentioned above, Compromised Intel is scattered across IO outposts around the island, exclusively in the Zero Build mode playlist. The second Covert Ops quest that requires Compromised Intel is live from April 26 at 8am CT to April 28 at 8am CT but requires completion of the first Covert Ops quest. If you didn’t complete the first Covert Ops quest, which required you to eliminate 10 players, you can’t access the second.

If you did complete the first, then you will be able to collect Compromised Intel. The five IO outposts you can collect from will appear on your map under the Covert Ops quest section.

The Compromised Intel appears at IO outposts as a glowing black chest. Just go up and interact with it to collect it and complete the quest. You only need to collect one.

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