When the stars align, this bot lane duo can one-shot any AD carry in LoL

A match made in heaven?

Since the new reworked Aurelion Sol arrived in League, players have been trying him out a lot, as his new kit makes him a menace at any role in the game. A player posted a clip on Reddit today showcasing how broken this champion can get in the bottom lane when paired with an equally annoying-to-play-against enchanter support.

In the clip, Aurelion Sol and Seraphine hide in the bottom lane brush near the enemys outer turret. Both of them wait for the enemy Jhin and Zilean so as to burst them down with their abilities and ultimates.

As soon as the enemy bottom lane duo extends a little, they are hit with Seraphines ultimate and charmed. Aurelion Sol also puts down his E skill and prevents the enemy from escaping while Seraphine continues casting abilities to deal damage. The final blow is dealt by the Star Forgers champions stacked ultimate and we witness a star falling and deleting the two enemy champions. The entire ordeal took just five seconds.

After rework, Aurelion Sols new repertoire of skills have made it kind of overpowered. When used in conjunction with one another, the champion can deal a lot of damage. When its stacked ultimate is used, a shockwave travels halfway across the Summoners Rift, deleting any low-health champions in its path.

Many League players reacted to this video by commenting the duo got what it deserved for getting caught in the Seraphine ultimate which came from the unwarded brush. If you get hit by seraph R from that range its kinda your fault, a player said.

Another player admitted to trying out the champion in the bottom lane. So… I’m not the only player of ASol adc, they said. Some even hinted at Aurelion Sol having a high win rate in the bottom lane due to such devastating burst damage output.

The video is proof of how broken the Star Forger champion is in the game, despite receiving nerfs in the recent League Patch 13.3. The moral of the story is to stay alert whenever there is an Aurelion Sol in the enemy team otherwise you might find a grey screen within five seconds.

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