When is Steam having its next sale?

Get your wallet ready.

Steam sales are always cause for celebration. Ever since Valve’s preeminent digital storefront got its start, its excellent markdowns and seasonal events have spawned excitement and memes all across the internet. Nothing quite gets people to reach for their wallets like a Steam sale.

While Valve originally poured most of its resources into two big salesa summer sale and a winter saleit has recently been expanding into smaller spring and fall sales as well as themed sales that focus on a specific genre, developer, or publisher. Some of this year’s past sales include a JRPG sale and a sale for games that use Steam’s Remote Play Together feature.

Curious when Steam’s next sale will be? You’ve come to the right place.

Steam’s 2022 sale schedule

As of April 2022, here are all the upcoming Steam sales that we know about so far. Not all of them have been formally announced, but PC Gamer was able to compile a short list of confirmed dates for this year.

Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence May 2 to 9

This sale will feature some of gaming’s trickiest genres, including Metroidvanias, roguelikes and roguelites, and Soulslikes.

Racing Fest – May 23 to 30

This sale will focus on racing and racing-adjacent games. Anyone want to burn a little rubber?

Steam Next Fest – June 13 to 30

Steam Next Fest usually accompanies the Summer Games Fest and features demos and developer livestreams alongside sales and deals. It’s the epitome of “try before you buy.”

Steam Summer Sale – June 23 to July 7

This is the big one. Steam’s summer sales are famous for their huge breadth of deep discounts across indies and AAA games alike.

Survival Sale – July 18 to 25

This sale will likely feature deals on classics and newcomers to the survival and survival-horror genres. Halloween is a long way away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your scares in early.

There will likely be several additional sales later in the year, but their dates have not been made public yet. Valve always hosts a Steam winter sale and it frequently hosts week-long sales and festivals for specific genres and publishers.

This list will be updated as Valve announces additional Steam sales.

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