When does Marci release in Dota 2?

The badass sidekick will be writing her own story in Dota 2.

Dota 2s The International isnt just a stage for the best teams around the world to see who is the best at the game. Its also a place for Valve to show what its been working behind the curtains for Dota 2.

Valve makes an appearance with a grand announcement for Dota 2 players in almost every edition of The International. Whether its a new hero or soon-to-be-abandoned projects like Artifact, fans always get an extra something to look forward to, in addition to watching excellent Dota 2.

Its been a while since Dota 2 fans got a new hero in the roster and Valve just teased that the wait may be coming to an end. Marci from Dota: Dragons Blood will be the games next hero, and fans got to watch her as Mirana’s sidekick in the animated series released on Netflix.

The teaser features an action scene and Marcis in-game model. Though there weren’t any details regarding her abilities or role, the trailer suggests that she may be fighting with her fists.

Marcis showcase ends with a release date, but anyone whos familiar with Valve time may find it hard to believe on a set date. Valve aims to launch Marci before the end of the fall, meaning players can expect to see her in the game before December.

Thats not a promise by Valve, however, since there have been instances where patches that were scheduled for fall releases were postponed to winter or early spring. In most cases, players will find out about the delays at the end of the promised released periods, so if fans dont hear anything about Marci until the last week of November, it may mean that she needs more time to be added to the game.

Considering Dota: Dragons Bloods second season is also due for an early 2022 release, Valve can use the opportunity to release Marci around the same with the series if the fall release plan happens to fail.

If you havent watched Dota 2s animated series yet, doing so can be the first step toward learning what kind of a hero Marci would be. Getting to know the character before its release is a rare opportunity for Dota 2 fans since Valve drops any lore-related content after a characters release.

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