When does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season One end and Season 2 begin?

The next season of Fortnite is right around the corner.

Recently it seems like Fortnite has changed the way it schedules its Chapters, with Chapter Three only consisting of four seasons. With Chapter Four just beginning, many players are already curious about when the next season will start.

With the island still managing to put itself together, it should be a few months before the next season begins. Here’s all the information you need to know when Fortnite Chapter Four, season one will end and when season two begins.

When will Chapter Four, season two of Fortnite begin?

No one knows for sure yet, but data miners have a theory based on game files. Each season’s end of the battle pass countdown can be sussed out, and this time it will wrap up around Friday, March 10, 2023.

If this turns out to be true then Chapter Four, season two of Fortnite will begin on or around Saturday, March 11.

This is just speculation on the part of data miners like HYPEX, but they’ve been close to the right date using the same method. That being said it could be up to a week off, as Epic has been known to change the season’s end date when it becomes closer.

The second season of the year is likely to bring about the inciting incident for the rest of the Chapter, as last year’s Zero War exposed the Zero Point and caused everything that would follow leading up to the Fracture event.

With The Herald defeated and the island seemingly in some kind of rebuilding state, it’s likely next season will also help propel the story in a similar way.

As this season progresses, players will likely learn more about the next theme and threat that Chapter Four, season two will bring. That’s all you need to know about when Chapter Four, season one of Fortnite will end, and when Chapter Four, season two will begin.

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