What was that?! Faker proves even the best players in League sometimes make mistakes


Even the greatest competitors make mistakes, and that rule also applies to esports.

The GOAT of League of Legends, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, made an awful mistake when he was playing Bel’Veth jungle in a recent game of solo queue. T1’s mid laner died to a blue buff at level one, which was spotted on Tyler1’s stream when he was following his game.


Faker was most likely auto-filled to the jungle position since he usually plays mid in solo queue. While he’s clearly not a professional jungler, he should know the basics of the role. But it turns out even a three-time World Champion and Worlds 2022 finalist isn’t always perfect.

The 26-year-old got a leash from his top laner, Fiora. But after lowering the health of the blue buff down to around 600, Faker positioned towards the Grump, most likely to save some time.

Unfortunately for Faker, he made one step too far and lost aggro on the Blue Sentinel, which reset and regained almost all of its health. The player then tried to finish the Grump but aggroed the Blue Sentinel again, which handed him a shameful level-one death.

Tyler1 tried to defend Faker by saying the server was probably lagging. But whether that was the case or not, it’s still an embarrassing and amusing mistake for the pro player. Faker ended up losing the game in 30 minutes, with a 1.11 KDA ratio, according to OP.GG.

Faker returns to action at Worlds 2022 in the finals on Nov. 5.

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