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What is the Nintendo Switch OLED’s refresh rate?

It's staying the same.

There’s a new Nintendo Switch in town, improving all the shortcomings of its previous generation. Named after its display technology, the Nintendo Switch OLED is looking to offer a more robust gaming experience.

In addition to the new OLED screen, there are some quality-of-life improvements, like the LAN cable compatibility. Available in two colors, for now, the OLED Switch also features a better kickstand design that feels more sturdy. Though the overall battery life is still less than what players would like it to be, there are improvements in that department as well. Adding an OLED screen to the equation is a challenge when it comes to preserving the battery life, but it looks like players will have slightly longer gaming sessions with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Considering the screen is new, it’s only natural for players to wonder whether there are other new features on the display panel. An OLED screen has more vibrant colors compared to an LCD and they tend to have lower input lag as well. The resolution is still capped at 720p for handheld gameplay, but it’ll bump up to 1080p when it’s connected to the dock.

Just like the console’s resolution, the refresh rate of the screen also stays the same at 60Hz. While adding an OLED screen would be the perfect opportunity to bump up the system’s refresh rate, it could have made it challenging to balance the battery life of the Switch. Players will need to make do with a 60Hz for now, which is still more than enough for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

This means that if you’re looking for a monitor or TV to use with your Nintendo Switch OLED, you can stick to 60Hz displays and save a couple of bucks since high refresh rate screens have higher price tags than 60Hz ones. If you’re looking for other accessories for your Nintendo Switch OLED, a MicroSD card is highly recommended since the base storage of 64 GB is still nowhere near enough for players who like to have more than a few games installed on their systems.

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