What is the current Apex Legends map rotation for season 13: Saviors?

Hope you're a fan of Storm Point.

It’s hard to believe, but season 13 of Apex Legends is already upon us. While this season didn’t introduce any new maps, it did include some changes for Storm Point, Apex‘s most recently-released map. The new POI and PvE elements, which feature the interior of a gigantic dead sea monster and unearthed IMC armories, respectively, will make for some interesting fights and fun new clashes.

As is usual for new seasons, both the pubs and ranked map rotations have been updated. Respawn traditionally features new maps or maps that have had changes first in both rotations, and that holds true in season 13. (Note that the pubs and ranked Arenas map rotations have not changed this season.)

Pubs map rotation

The pubs (unranked) map rotation for season 13 includes Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge. Kings Canyon has been removed for this season, so it’s no longer available to play. For the first seven days after the season begins on May 10, Storm Point will be the only pubs map available so players can check out its updates.

Respawn has also adjusted the duration of pubs map rotations, specifically the longer two-hour block. Previously, maps could be in rotation for as long as two hours. This long duration has been removed from the game entirely, so maps will now be in rotation for one hour and 45 minutes or less. In the patch notes, Respawn explained that it believes the two-hour map rotations were too long because they could potentially span the duration of someone’s entire play session.

Ranked map rotation

Like previous seasons, season 13 will feature a rank split in the middle of the season that changes the available map and resets players’ rank to a lower value. The first half of the season features Storm Point as the ranked map of choice, allowing players to fight for keeps after learning about the changes in pubs.

After the rank split, the second half of the season will feature World’s Edge. World’s Edge hasn’t been in the ranked rotation since season 11, where it was also featured alongside Storm Point. Neither Olympus nor Kings Canyon will be a part of the ranked rotation in season 13.

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