What if Ramattra was human? This Overwatch 2 fan has the answer

Players unanimously agree that this is the right answer.

Overwatch 2‘s Ramattra is a war machine who no longer believes in a peaceful future between humans and omnics, but what if the character was to be made human? A fan gave an answer that was immediately supported by the community.

In a Reddit thread, an artist and Overwatch fan showed a creation where they suggested a convincing human version of the tank.

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“I’m so tired of seeing him always redrawn as a young clean cut sort of guy,” wrote the artist in the thread. “So here’s my take.” The creation met immediate success, with fans stating that was the most fitting human version of Ramattra shown until now.

The art shows a mature and composed version of Ramattra, although stern, echoing his personality in the game. The artist also kept many features from the omnic’s original appearance, such as his forehead and clips, to give him a look still close to his original version. His beard and jawline are also reminiscent of his mask’s shape.

“He low-key looks like a dope Star Wars character. 10/10,” commented a user under the art. “Looks like a mix of John Wick and Qui-Gon Jinn,” wrote another.

Ramattra’s lore and personality have been widely popular since he joined the roster of Overwatch 2 on Dec. 6. His lore dives into the Shambali Monastery’s philosophy, embodied by Zenyatta, and Null Sector, which he joined afterward. This inspired many artists, like this latest example.

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