‘What a joke’: Fortnite players left baffled by Epic’s decision to vault trios

It's the end of an era.

Fortnite players are in disbelief over Epic Games’ decision to vault the trios mode in Battle Royale and Zero Build in the v24.40 update on May 17, claiming it benefits absolutely nobody. They vented about it on social media and were particularly frustrated because there was no explanation as to why, nor was an alternative put in place.

As explained by the player who started the thread, it meant they have no choice but to add a random fourth person to their stacks, diminishing the quality of their games.

I dont see any viable reason behind this change, the angry Fortnite player wrote. I have two other friends I regularly play with throughout the season. We level up the Battle Pass together. What are we supposed to do?

Other Fortnite players quickly stepped in to agree too, blasting the company for making a decision that makes no sense. Some described it as a step backward, while others referred to it as a joke, especially since they didnt explain why. Its a lot different from vaulting weapons, they said, which is a part of the meta cycle.

A minority did speculate it may be because trios were less popular than solos, duos, and squads, and removing it would improve queue times, but not everyone was on their side.

People are saying its because Epic needs to free up server space for matchmaking queues, which is bullshit because the game drums perfectly fine currently, and if they needed to get rid of something, then Party Royale and Solid Gold are right there, one player said, summarizing the views of those who disagreed. The sentiment was shared by others, too.

The actual reason for its removal has them stumped, but they do it’s only a temporary thing and it sounds like a lot of players would love to see it return at a later date, perhaps once all the other non-core modes and maps have run their course and the player count is on the rise again in Epic’s ever-growing battle royale.

On a more positive note, this week’s Fortnite update did implement a new ranked mode in solos, duos, and squads, so perhaps trios players will turn to them.

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