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On behalf of the whole team here at Cooldown, I would like to welcome you and tell you how excited we are to have you here! We have a ton of cool features, events, goodies, surprises and much, much more in store for you! Before we get into all that, let me quickly introduce what we are all about!

 Cooldown is here to bring esports fans around the world together to create a new phenomenon: Esports Viewing Parties. At this point, we are all watching The International, Worlds or everyday streamers from our homes. We also enjoy going out with friends to have a beer on the weekend, sometimes even catching a game of football on TV while we are at it. You get where I am going with this... What if instead of watching people score goals, you could watch Riven score a Penta? Or your favorite streamer does a 360 no scope, while all your friends were also watching with you? It sounded like the perfect night out to us, and we wanted to Make it Real!

 Esports fans, no matter where you are, we want to set up a viewing party near you! To get there, we have built a feature into the platform that lets you suggest events to your local bar, we will then jump in to contact them and get the ball rolling. That is not all of course, the website will also show you where upcoming events are happening and by attending them, you will usually be eligible for free goodies when you rock up to your first viewing party.

 Bar Owners, the esports world can be tough to navigate but we are here to help! We will hit you up with events to watch out for and help you get started with setting up your bar and first esports experience. We will also help you set up promotions for your esports events and make sure that they are a success!

 We teamed up with OpTic Gaming, to launch with a bang and bring you exclusive events, merchandise, and a massive giveaway! We'll be coming at you with the opportunity to win a custom PC, PS5's, gaming chairs and a lot more. Our favorite prize of all however is the opportunity to play with the team during a CoD Warzone tournament! All you must do to participate in all of this, is sign up to The Cooldown.

 We promise there is a lot more coming on top of all this madness but in the meantime, drop us a comment below on how you like the platform and feel free to let us know if you have any suggestion!

You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Discord!

Welcome to The Cooldown Community!

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a year ago
I hope i get one of these too
2 years ago
I hope i get ps5 and everyone win what they want
2 years ago
Good luck 🤞 I hope all won some