‘We want in-game replays’: VALORANT dev responds to backlash for lack of replay system

The hopes for a replay system are not dead yet.

Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, the developer of product management at Riot Games, has issued a response to the communitys backlash regarding a replay feature apparently not being prioritized following an official statement made during the last Ask VALORANT

Gylfason, who previously worked on League of Legends and EVE Online, addressed the issue via Twitlonger, in which he said the dev team wants replays in VALORANT, but the feature is taking longer than expected.

Theres more in the pipes and all of the teams are super eager to share more details, just waiting for clearer timelines and details for when,” Gylfason said. “The devs are all super passionate about the game and the community and want to talk more about what theyre doing. The biggest thing well be focusing on is making sure our teams feel confident in sharing openly and frequently with the community so we can all get more comfortable being in this together.

Gylfason hopes to be more transparent with the VALORANT community in the future and clarify things in blog posts, like Ask VALORANT, to avoid repeating the incident from the last one. In the end, it seems like fans will be getting a replay system in VALORANT but may have to wait longer to ensure the product comes out the way the developers intended.

The source of the outrage began when in an Ask VALORANT, it was revealed that there were no plans for a replay feature in the immediate future. This statement came two years after another Ask VALORANT that directly addressed the addition of a replay feature, saying that it would come to the game eventually.

VALORANT players began to question the direction of the game following the lack of a replay system in development wondering why skins and other content could be produced but not game-changing features like replay. 

Some will likely not be satisifed by Gylfason’s statement and are eagerly awaiting substantive progress toward the feature’s arrival.

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