‘We definitely still can improve’: Jojopyun optimistic about EG overcoming their LCS Playoffs slump 

EG’s star mid-laner feels the team will be ready by the time they play their next game in Chicago.

After beating Team Liquid in the lower brackets of the 2022 LCS Summer playoffs, Evil Geniuses are just one series away from reaching the finals. The victory also confirms their spot in the League of Legends World Championship.

It was EGs mid laner Jojopyun who carried his team in the series. He spoke with  Travis Gafford after their win over Liquid.

Jojopyun told Travis he was afraid after Liquid won game three to register a 2-1 lead. He felt his performance in that game was a letdown. That game was free for me to carry and I messed up. So I was definitely getting nervous there, he said.

It was only after winning game four pretty hard that he felt the momentum was back in EGs favor. It not only helped them level the series with Liquid but also allowed the team to become way more confident.

Regarding Liquids exit from the playoffs and failing to qualify for Worlds, he said, I definitely feel bad for them that they didnt make it. He feels there was more pressure on Liquid to perform better because the team consisted of veteran League players. They have been playing for so long. There was so much on the line for them, Jojopyun said.

Talking about EGs playoffs performance, Jojopyun feels that the team had definitely hit a slump there. We really underestimated C9 and they definitely shitted on us, he said.

But he is also optimistic about his teams chances, especially after reverse sweeping Liquid. We definitely still can improve. We just got to work on it as much as possible. I dont know when this Chicago game is but we definitely have some time to practice. So yeah, we gotta stay really focused, he said.

According to Jojopyun, EG will have better performance in Worlds this year. He feels that playing here in North America will definitely give us buffs because the team will be on their home turf. With a lot of EG fans coming to support and cheer them during the tournament, the team will get a huge boost to their morale.

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