We asked ChatGPT to rank Counter-Strike’s best-ever players but we’ve never heard of No. 10

This doesn't look right.

There are plenty of Counter-Strike’s best players lists everywhere on the internet, but some of them are plain biased. To avoid any bias, we asked ChatGPT, a famous artificial intelligence (AI), to rank the best players of all time and it got most of them right, well, except for the last name on the list.

ChatGPT’s list mostly features players who competed at the highest level in CS:GO and not in the older versions of the game like Counter-Strike: Source or Counter-Strike: 1.6. S1mple, who was elected the greatest player of the decade by ESL, is the No. 1 in ChatGPT. What really caught our attention, though, is the 10th name on the list, which we have never seen before.

The 10 best Counter-Strike players of all time, according to ChatGPT

  1. S1mple
  2. Coldzera
  3. NiKo
  4. GeT_RiGhT
  5. Flusha
  6. F0rest
  7. FalleN
  8. KennyS
  9. Olofmeister
  10. Vladimir “Vova” Basov

As you can see, all the first nine players that ChatGPT mentioned are well-known in the community and have been considered the best of their craft at some point in Counter-Strike’s history. What ruins ChatGPT’s list, however, is the 10th name: Vladimir “Vova” Basov.

There are simply no records of a known Counter-Strike pro named Vova. His name isn’t listed on either HLTV or Liquipedia, so unless ChatGPT is predicting a player called Vova will become one of the best Counter-Strike pros of all time, the AI’s algorithm got something wrong. The only known Vladimir Basov we found in our research was a Soviet Russian actor, film director, and screenwriter.

Since Vova isn’t an actual player, there are a few names that ChatGPT could have picked up to round out this list with perfection. The AI seemingly forgot names like ZywOo, a two-time best player in the world, and NEO, arguably the best Counter-Strike: 1.6 player of all time. ChatGPT did add a small note at the end, though.

“Note that this list is not in a particular order and there are many other great players who could have been included on this list,” the AI said.

Do you agree with ChatGPT’s list? Also, please let us know if Vova is an actual Counter-Strike player.

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