‘We are playing like s***’: Jensen weighs in on Dignitas’ disastrous start to LCS split

Can IgNar save the org from its dire straits?

Having a strong League of Legends roster on paper doesnt always translate to wins in competitive matches. This has been the case for Dignitas since the beginning of the 2023 LCS Spring Split. In an interview with Travis Gafford following their sixth-straight loss on Feb. 10, Jensen shed more light on this issue.

Its tough to be in this situation. Its not what I had hoped for by any means, Jensen said. Although he has not yet given up and is still hopeful, he admits the team need to figure things out if they want to improve their performance.

According to Jensen, theres not one reason behind the teams problematic performance. We are playing like shit, Jensen said. Every game there is a different reason, there are different things going wrong. We are just not playing up to the level that the other teams are.

He further elaborated by saying others are playing better individually and as a team, while Dignitas (who are currently 0-6 in the LCS standings) have been falling behind in almost every aspect of their games. We have a hard time drafting. Even when we have a good draft, it is hard to play, he said. I think we are the worst team right now honestly.

Replacing current substitute Vincent Biofrost Wang, Kim IgNar Dong-geun is set to play next week as the teams starting support player. Due to issues, IgNar’s visa issuance had been delayed until now. He will be joining the team as they head into the fourth week of the 2023 LCS Spring Split. With the complete roster, Jensen believes things might change for the better for Dignitas. 

The shift in meta towards tank supports with the upcoming Patch 13.4 will also make a difference for Dignitas. The [current] meta is very focused on the early game and having the stronger bot lane, Jensen said. We are falling behind a lot in the early game, so the games are very tough. In this meta, it is very punishing.

Jensen also clarified the teams poor performance had nothing to do with the organization’s support staff. I think they have treated us very nicely actually. I am very happy with how things are going from the supportive side of Dignitas, he said. The problem is more on the players and [their] individual performance.

Going into next week, Jensen believes Dignitas success depends on how quickly they can get up to speed with IgNar. He feels the team will have to accommodate as IgNar plays a different playstyle.

Dignitas next opponent in the 2023 LCS Spring Split will be Cloud9. The match will begin at 7pm CT on Feb. 15.

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