Warzone 2’s season 2 update will revert looting system back to Warzone 1’s style

Warzone 2 is slowly morphing into Warzone 1 on a new map.

The major Call of Duty update coming on Feb. 15 will also revert changes made to Warzone 2’s looting system, Raven Software announced today in collaboration with Infinity Ward.

Both development teams, who appear to be working on Warzone 2’s development together, tweeted the same message this afternoon, confirming a change that players have been requesting since the battle royale mode launched in November.

“Battle Royale looting changes, and many more, are coming with Season 02,” Raven tweeted today. “Player eliminations and all loot containers will now pop floating loot out onto the floor! See more in next weeks studio blog.”

This sounds very similar to how looting worked in Warzone 1. The change was made in Warzone 2 to have eliminated players drop backpacks and have them inspectable, much like how death boxes work in another battle royale, Apex Legends.

The change to the looting system in the second iteration of Warzone was met with skepticism to begin with, and the opinion on it hasn’t changed much since then, so players will likely be happy to hear this news moving forward.

The news of looting changes follows a tweet yesterday that confirmed another reverse on a Warzone 2 decision, changing the Gulag from two-vs-two back to one-vs-one, which is also a return to how it worked in the original game.

Infinity Ward and Raven both are promising news on the Feb. 15 update coming in a new blog post sometime next week.

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