Warzone 2’s season 2 update has way more than Resurgence for players to look forward to

This update is chock full of new content.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is about to get a massive overhaul in its season two update next week, Infinity Ward and Raven Software revealed in a new blog post today.

The return of the Resurgence mode on an all-new map, Ashika Island, is just the beginning for CoD fans to look forward to in the big patch. There’s a slew of quality-of-life changes, including changes to looting, the Gulag, and much more.

But the new blog today was focused on other content coming to Warzone 2 and one of the more interesting reveals was a new feature called “Restore Honor,” which is exclusive to Ashika Island.

“Every Operator on Ashika Island will drop a dog tag upon death once per match (Resurgence or Battle Royale), which can either be picked up by a squadmate or themselves after redeploying,” Activision said. “Doing so grants a small Cash reward, as well as a single UAV ping that marks both enemy threats and nearby Supply Boxes. Whether it is finding out who downed a squadmate or getting a head start on rebuilding a Loadout, choosing to Restore Honor is a solid strategy for continued survival.”

There’s also a new contract for players to pick up and complete in battle royale called Search and Seizure. When procured, players must reclaim a stolen vehicle from AI enemies and return it to a designated point on the map to earn cash and loot.

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A new public event, Data Heist, is also coming to Warzone 2, exclusive to Ashika Island. In the midst of the second circle collapse, three uplink stations will appear on the map where players can interact to download intel. AI enemies will advance on those positions, but if the download is successful, players can earn XP, cash, and a piece of random tactical equipment. But the rewards are even better if teams visit several stations.

Season two’s update, delayed from its original launch date by two weeks, will now launch on Feb. 15.

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