Warzone 2’s leaked Vondel map could actually be coming ‘very soon’

The start of next season could be a possibility.

The first image of what appears to be Warzone 2s next map, Vondel, has leaked online via a now-deleted tweet by Call of Duty news account CharlieIntel on May 10.

According to CharlieIntel, they deleted the tweet due to a DMCA strike, suggesting there could be some truth to it. They also claimed its not the map releasing in Fall, but rather, its a different one that will release very soon.

Since Warzone 2 maps typically launch when a new season begins, and the next one is expected to kick off on June 14, theres a good chance its release could coincide with that. It would be soon enough to fit the description, assuming the leaks are true.

The image didnt reveal too many details because it looked like it hadnt been finalized. It did, however, show what appeared to be an urban-themed setting with homes, commercial buildings, a river, a windmill, and more.

This fits the theme of the first leak about it by Task Force Leakers back in April, which mentioned its name and that it appears to be set in the Netherlands.

It is, however, believed to be a Resurgence mapa mode with smaller maps and respawns.

If the leaks are true, Vondel looks to be a stark contrast to the desert-themed Al Mazrah, which launched with the game in Nov. 2022. It could be the shake-up the battle royale needs to boost its dwindling player count, which, according to SteamCharts, has slumped quite a lot. It has dropped to an average of 77,000 on Steam, down from 225,000. This doesnt tell the full story since it doesnt include other platforms, but its still a good indicator.

Players arent convinced it will save the game. They are, however, looking forward to playing something that isnt Al Mazrah, even if it does end up being a Resurgence map like the first leak suggested. In their view, theres no harm in having multiple maps on rotation.

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