Warzone 2’s first ranked play iteration reportedly bans one hated weapon, preventing end-game cheese

The grind begins next week, minus one annoying item.

Activision has finally provided Call of Duty fans with details about Warzone 2’s ranked play mode, set to launch in beta when Season Three Reloaded arrives on May 10.

Warzone 2’s ranked mode will feature trios on Al Mazrah and have its own skill rating scoring system. But it will also restrict some items from being used, including Riot Shields, according to CharlieIntel.

Image via Activision

Riot Shields may not be prevalent in everyday Warzone 2 matches, but history has proven that players resort to staring at each other through fiberglass in the final circles. The Riot Shield was incredibly popular in previous World Series of Warzone matches, so banning them from play in ranked is likely a preventative measure.

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For now, the fear of final circles in Warzone 2 ranked featuring nothing but players standing around with Riot Shields up over their faces has been alleviated, potentially making for a better gameplay experience overall.

Activision said ranked games will also remove public events like firesales, vehicles such as heavy choppers, and gameplay elements such as multi-circles, adjustments to buy station inventories, and “changes to redeploy mechanics.”

For scoring, players will earn skill rating based on placement combined with kills and assists, with the top three teams getting 15 SR per elimination or assist, and seven SR per squadmate elimination, forcing players to fight and get kills along with trying to win the game.

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Warzone 2’s ranked play will also drop with its own unique set of rewards and skill tiers when it launches in beta on May 10.

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