Warzone 2 reaches incredible player milestone in less than a week

Only getting bigger too.

The release of Warzone 2 came hand-in-hand with the launch of a new era of Call of Duty. The sequel to the iconic battle royale dropped on the same day as the new Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode and season 01 of the Modern Warfare 2 battle pass system.

To the surprise of almost no one, the launch of Warzone 2 has attracted a massive influx of players. The game has brought in over 25 million players in just five days, Activision announced today.

This number is strictly reflective of the Warzone 2 numbers, but it’s safe to assume that most players playing MW2 or the DMZ mode have played at least one match of Warzone 2. MW2 sold exceptionally well, with over $1 billion in sales over its first 10 days. Doing a little math, the $1 billion in sales translates roughly to at least 12 million copies sold.

While it’s a hot start for Warzone 2, its predecessor has set a high bar. Over 125 million players played the original Warzone, set to soon be relaunched as Warzone Caldera, between its 2020 launch and the summer of 2022. Warzone Caldera will re-release on Monday, Nov. 28.

The new Warzone 2 experience features a new loadout and buy system, swimming, a backpack looting system, proximity chat between teams, split gas circles, a new two-vs-two Gulag, enemy AI strongholds, a third-person playlist for trios, and an “Unhinged” trios playlist that allows opposing squads and players to team up.

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