Warzone 2 players are being hit with rampant shadow bans for playing too well

It's getting worse.

Warzone 2 appears to be in a bad state early in 2023 with a game-breaking issue affecting players who are playing well. It’s apparently an issue that’s been around for multiple weeks now.

Numerous users are reporting that players playing Warzone 2 who get 10 kills are getting disconnected and shadow-banned soon after. For many players, once they reach 10 kills, their next hit shots result in a disconnect and a shadow ban.

For some users, this issue has been happening for the past couple of weeks, but the issue has really gotten attention early in the new year. Earlier in the day, 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot was kicked from a match late in the game and was shadow banned just two hours into his Warzone 2 stream.

At first glance, Nadeshot thought it was due to his account receiving numerous reports because of his prominence. But upon further inspection, he got disconnected and shadow-banned immediately after centering his aim after getting his 10th kill, fitting the pattern that other players have been experiencing.

Players can check their shadow ban status on the Activision support page. Players who have received a shadow ban will have it looked at by the developers and will either be cleared or receive an additional suspension.

While Nadeshot was able to get his shadow ban resolved in just about an hour, other players who are less connected to the developers have to wait up to a week for the ban to be resolved. In the meantime, if you’re late in the game and nearing 10 kills, maybe let that next enemy you see go.

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