Warzone 2 players are already debating whether they want a new map or a return to Verdansk

If this argument sounds familiar, it should.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s new map, Al Mazrah, has only been available to play for just over three monthsbut some players are already looking forward to a new location.

Season two saw the launch of Ashika Island, a small-scale map for the Resurgence mode. But a Reddit thread sparked a discussion that seems to come up every few months in the Warzone community. Yep, it’s pining-for-Verdansk time again.

In a new Reddit thread discussing whether or not players want a new battle royale map or a return to the original location of Verdansk, there was no shortage of Warzone players chiming in with their thoughts on the subject.

“New map,” one commenter said. “People who want another year of Verdansk forget how we all begged them to destroy it last time round, because we were so sick of it.”

Verdansk holds a special place in the hearts of Warzone players, but a lot of that may have to do with nostalgia more than anything. It was a fine map, but it was a pain point for a large portion of the community who were begging to move on from it after a while.

“I won’t deny it,” said another commenter. “I was so fucking tired of Verdansk. But my god, when we got Caldera I had no idea how good we had it. I’ll admit that I grew very tired of the map, but yes I seem to have romanticized that map, and I can’t truthfully say if I’d enjoy being forced to play it again or if I’d love it. Its honestly impossible for me to say.”

Many others were quick to point out that a second battle royale map in Warzone 2, whenever that may be, will likely take place on Las Almas, which is the second region where maps are based in Modern Warfare 2. Several Ground War maps take place on it, so the location is likely mostly already ready to go.

Another common thread of opinion in the Warzone 2 community is players who wish for there to be multiple maps playable in the game at any given time, with many comparing it to how Apex Legends rotates several maps per season.

“Why not both Verdansk and Las Almas?” said another Redditor. “They are both already made. Have a rotation of those two and Al Mazrah.”

The ability to play multiple BR maps at a time would be a welcome addition to Warzone 2 but may not be technologically possible with how tremendous the game’s file size already is.

With Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah only three months old, however, fans hoping for a new battle royale map already does not bode well for overall player satisfaction right now.

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