Warzone 2 leaks give grim update on return of Rebirth Island

Warzone Mobile, it is.

If you are among the many Call of Duty fans waiting for Rebirth Islands return to Warzone 2, a new leak may break your heartunless youre ready to switch to mobile. 

According to CharlieIntel, the iconic fast-paced Resurgence map is not to Warzone 2 on PC and console. Instead, Activision is allegedly planning to bring Rebirth Island to Warzone Mobile instead, slated to be released in late 2023.

While leaks from early 2023 discussed Rebirth Islands return to the CoD series, they werent clear about whether the map will be launched in just Warzone Mobile or the entire Battle Royale franchise.

On May 19, Call of Duty leaker ModernWarzone revealed that data miners have found some references to Rebirth Island and a nighttime version of Al Mazrah in Modern Warfare 2’s files, tweeting: Rebirth Island COULD be for Warzone Mobile but nighttime Al Mazrah is almost certainly for Warzone .

On May 24, in the latest episode of the Update Requires Restart Podcast, CharlieIntel dismissed the idea that some players had from the recently data-mined information, saying that Warzone Mobile is being built on the same platform as the other CoD games and hence, the appearance of Rebirth Island references under Modern Warfare II’s folder is likely not an indication of its return to either MW2 or Warzone 2.

Considering the recent information that came to light, if you do want to experience the brutal aggression of Rebirth Island again, youll most probably have to resort to downloading the upcoming Warzone mobile port when its made available. 

Rebirth Island was known for its tightly-spaced design, mixing thrilling closed-quarter combat with fast-paced Battle Royale gameplay. It perfectly complemented the Resurgence modes style, giving players their daily dose of an adrenaline rush when things got boring in long-form Warzone games. 

Naturally, Activision dealt with a lot of backlash from the community when it removed Rebirth Island indefinitely from the original Warzone on Nov. 16, 2022right after Warzone 2s release. 

Since then, the internet has been flooded with queries related to the beloved maps return. Warzone 2 didnt even launch with Resurgence mode, as it was added to the game much later at the beginning of Season 2 in Feb. 2023. As of now, the Resurgence mode in Warzone 2 supports both the Ashika Island and Al Mazrah maps.

Verdansk, another fan-favorite Warzone map, also received the same treatment as Rebirth Island. But Activision has confirmed Verdansks return with Warzone Mobile via its CoD Next event, held last year in Sept. 2022. So, like Rebirth Island, PC and console gamers will miss out on Verdansk unless they choose to grab their phone. 

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While the wait for Rebirth Islands return to Warzone 2 has seemingly failed to culminate in a worthwhile end for players on PC and console, the mobile port will be up for grabs, speculated for a November 2023 release, for anyone who wants to return for a taste of Rebirth and Verdansk.     

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