Warzone 2 devs make two major changes to chat in ranked play

"There's purity in silence."

Raven Software has discontinued the highly-debated Proximity Voice Chat feature in Warzone 2 via a May 22 update. On top of that, the developers have also taken Global Text Chat out of the game completely, leaving almost no outlets for the Warzone 2 fans who are all about that trash-talk-life during their matches.

Although the addition of Proximity Voice Chat had its fair share of enthusiasts, a majority of players expressed dissatisfaction due to increased levels of toxicity.

The feature existed in an early battle royale game, H1Z1, and its addition to Warzone 2 was even considered nostalgic. However, it came with its own set of problems. In regions where players speak different languages, Proximity Voice Chat mostly ended up being a screaming contest instead of any meaningful way to talk with teammates.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Proximity Voice Chat though. The feature paved the way for some of the most memorable content in the title, and this fact alone has divided the player base in two as fans who loved the feature are left quite confused.

Some Warzone 2 fans were even more confused about Global Text Chats removal, as it also served as an arena where players challenged and taunted each other. While these changes aim to make Warzone 2 more chill and relaxed, they might also reduce the overall competitiveness that emerged from the global chat culture.

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Before the removal of Proximity Voice Chat, Warzone 2 players had the option to disable it, but that setting struggled to work properly. Players often reported they were able to hear others despite disabling the option.

The devs have been on a spree when it comes to removing Warzone 2 features in recent weeks, starting with some of the killstreaks in Warzone 2s ranked play.

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