Warzone 2 bans its most annoying killstreaks from ranked play

This is a welcome announcement from Treyarch.

Fans of Warzone 2 ranked play just got an early W before heading into matches with the squad tonight.

Two of the more annoying killstreaks in Warzone 2, the Cluster Mine and Bomb Drone, have both been restricted in ranked play effective immediately. Both streaks won’t drop as loot anymore, and the Cluster Mine has been replaced by the Revive Pistol at buy stations, Treyarch announced.

Ranked play fans quickly became familiar with the Bomb Drone, a pilotable drone that has an explosive effect. Often found as loot, player would use it to suppress the enemy with its potent explosions.

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The same can be said for the Cluster Mine, which is a placeable streak that is set off when players enter its vicinity. But Treyarch said that it’s possible both could return in the future.

“As outlined in the patch notes, Warzone 2 ranked play competitive settings are a multi-team effort to deliver competitive and fair matches,” Treyarch said. “Restrictions are updated based on data and feedback, and restricted items may return in an upcoming season after undergoing balance changes.”

The new competitive version of Warzone 2 restricts certain items like the Riot Shield, and has changes from the normal BR mode, including forcing players to be a minimum of level 45 before they can even access ranked.

Warzone 2’s ranked play is still in beta, so the ruleset will likely change over time based on feedback. For now, battle royale players can look forward to not being taken out by a couple of oppressive explosive killstreaks in the foreseeable future.

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