Vulcan reportedly joins new powerhouse roster for 2023 Summer Split

The superstar support has found a new home for the season.

Over the last month, North American League of Legends fans have wondered whether they would have to say goodbye to one of the region’s most beloved players, Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme. The 24-year-old support was rumored to possibly be swapping regions to Europe, but a recent report has helped alleviate some of those concerns for NA fans.

After parting ways with Evil Geniuses last month, Vulcan is reportedly joining FlyQuest as the team’s new support, according to esports journalist Brieuc Seeger. Contrary to popular belief, he will most likely not be joining an LEC team, even though he signed with a European talent agency called Achieveminds in April.

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Vulcan is coming off of a disappointing 2023 Spring Split run where he and EG struggled to break into the upper echelon of NA’s top squads from the start of the season until their final playoff series.

They finished the regular season with a 10-8 record and were swept in the second round by Golden Guardians as EG’s new-look lineup failed to build enough consistency compared to its previous roster.

FlyQuest might be looking for a roster retool after coming up short of expectations during the Spring Split. After going undefeated through the first half of the regular season with such a star-studded roster, many fans and analysts alike pinned the team as a surefire finals lock. But instead, they stumbled into third place after a well-fought five-game series loss against Golden Guardians.

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FlyQuest’s current support, Bill “Eyla” Nguyen, had a relatively uneventful season when he finally joined the team, especially after solving his visa issues and only playing 10 out of 18 games. His lackluster play failed to elevate the team to a new level, and instead, FlyQuest regressed by the final week of the regular season.

Eyla also built up a bit of a rivalry with Vulcan over the course of the spring, but that short saga might be coming to an end if the Canadian support replaces him on his own team for next season.

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