Visa troubles solved: FlyQuest finally able to field full lineup in LCS Spring Split Week 5

Eyla will resume his role as starting support for FlyQuest.

FlyQuest has had an impressive start to the LCS 2023 Spring Split, ending week four with eight wins and one loss. While they are currently atop the standings, many have been waiting for further roster changes after they were forced into early-season substitutions.

Some of the more notable additions to this revamped roster included Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang, a former KT Rolster upstart and LCK Rookie of the Year, and former Team Liquid Academy support Bill “Eyla” Nguyen.

Eyla was initially meant to be the starting support for FlyQuest in 2023. However, the Australian talent could not join the team due to visa issues. As a result, Kim “Winsome” Dong-keon became the starting support for several weeks.

However, in an announcement video posted on Twitter, PapaSmithy, FlyQuest’s president, and Nick Phan, the general manager, confirmed Eyla has finally arrived in Los Angeles.

This has left many curious whether Eyla would join FlyQuest for Week Five of the LCS 2023 Spring Split or if Winsome would continue supporting the team. The two agreed that it’s challenging because they can’t hold Eyla’s visa issues against him, and Winsome has been an incredible team player during this split.

With this in mind, FlyQuest has stated Eyla will take his intended position as the org believes this will provide the best results both in the North American league and the overall goal of claiming the LCS 2023 Spring Split trophy.

Meanwhile, Winsome will return to the Challengers roster.

Now all visa issues are resolved and FlyQuest’s roster is complete, eyes at the League org turn towards holding onto their top spot and keeping form in the second round-robin.

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