Viol2t finds new home for 2023 Overwatch League season after 4 years with Shock

We hope he likes barbecue.

While some Overwatch League teams have yet to announce a single player from their 2023 rosters, other teams are wrapping up their big reveals with a fancy bow. 

Former San Francisco Shock support and two-time Overwatch League champion Park Viol2t Min-ki is joining the Houston Outlaws, the team announced today. The franchise also advertised Viol2t as the final piece of the puzzle, effectively completing a five-player 2023 Outlaws roster. 

Viol2t spent the last four years as a part of the San Francisco Shock, joining in late 2018 from Contenders team O2 Ardeont. He was a constant sight in the starting position, known for his dominance on flex support heroes. Viol2t was a key part of both the Shocks championship seasons in 2019 and 2020. 

Though he was originally known for his flex support prowess, on heroes like Ana and Zenyatta, Viol2t is one of the few Overwatch League players known to hop around both roles and heroes due to his flexibility. He briefly played Cassidy for San Francisco, jumping into the DPS position as the meta changed, and ended up learning Lúcio to give the team more healing in the backline. 

It appears Viol2t will likely continue his role as a Lúcio expert in Houston, considering former Los Angeles Gladiators flex support Kim Shu Jin-seo is also on the roster. The team will be well-prepared if the meta evolves to require a dual flex support setup in the future. 

The team isnt technically complete since six players need to be signed prior to season start, but Houston is set for the five-player deadline of March 13. Viol2t and Shu will join the only 2022 Outlaws holdover, DPS Oh Pelican Se-hyun, as well as another former Gladiator in hitscan Lee Happy Jung-woo. The team is rounded out with a 2022 Overwatch League champion, tank Lee Fearless Euiseok.

The 2023 Overwatch League season kicks off with a Pro-Am tournament that begins on March 23 and will include West Region teams as well as select Overwatch Contenders teams.        

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