Veteran IGL blasts new generation for pushing NA CS:GO into ‘steady decline’ 

There's only one way to bring it back.

Veteran in-game leader Peter stanislaw Jarguz tore the North American Counter-Strike scene to shreds in a lengthy rant on the health of the scene on April 27. The now ex-Evil Geniuses player dissected the reasons the NA scene is in dire straits, calling it the lowest point its been since the middle of the 2010s.

Stanislaw pointed to toxic egos and quite shocking professionalism plaguing the NA scene in a Twitlonger post this week, claiming it’s driven it into steady decline.

He praised players representing NA in 2019, applauding the disciplined nature of old teammates like NAF and sharing details of games gone by that made the rifler such a strong playerall before bringing up recent situations where he claimed rising talent would be canceling practice altogether because of petulance. On top of that, the teamless veteran said there were simply too many lingering egos currently in the scene.

In particular, Jarguz pointed to one excuse that pops up a lot; that constant player transfers have clouded NA’s scene. Instead, he said, the blame can be laid on the stars for not taking the chance to improve when given the opportunity as one of the core issues. Players typically ignored warnings, failing to grow in the process, he added.

The ex-EG player ended his Twitlonger discussing his own attitude changes. He shared his goal of becoming more approachable and creating a scene with more than one NA roster battling against the top teams across the globe.

This explosive rant comes quite recently after his dismissal from the Evil Geniuses Black lineup on April 27. The IGL helmed the floundering roster for roughly eight months before being replaced by HexT this week.

The trophy-winning IGL has yet to disclose whether hell be joining a new CS:GO roster or if he has other plans. Well just have to wait and see what his next move is.

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