VCT Pacific’s top-rated VALORANT player right now might surprise you

Surprise! He's not from a Korean team.

After over a month of play across the three VCT leagues, statistics are starting to paint a clear picture of which players, teams, agents, and maps are the best. As VALORANT teams gear up for the run to Masters Tokyo in June, all eyes are on the top players, and you’ll never guess who sits at the top of the Pacific League based on pure statistics.

Though DRX has been smashing the competition, their well-rounded roster doesn’t have anyone sitting clearly at the top. Other players like ZETA Division’s Dep and Global Esports’ Monyet have made clutch play after clutch play, but neither of them sits at the top either.

Instead, at the highest rung of the VCT Pacific stats ladder sits Team Secret’s invy, according to VALORANT stats site Spike.GG.

Team Secret is a team with a long history in VALORANT and was one of the first Southeast Asian teams to break through to the international stage. It was a no-brainer the roster from the Philippines would get a franchised spot in VCT Pacific.

The experienced team is now joined in the Pacific League by Rex Regum Queon, another organization from the Philippines, where the VALORANT scene has continued to grow and thrive. Invy is one player who came up from the system and has made a big impact every time he has stepped on the VCT stage in Seoul.

Invy’s current rating at 1.21, with a 232.1 ACS and a nearly 30 percent headshot percentage, per Spike.GG. Though these statistics don’t seem that high on their own, it’s important to consider these numbers represent every round he has played.

What stands out about invy and gives him his incredible statistics are his mechanics. His spray transfers, crosshair placement, and flicks are all top-tier. Though there are other VALORANT players in the Pacific League also known for their mechanics, few have been as silently consistent as invy has these last few months.

Unfortunately, despite invy’s incredible individual performance, his team has continued to fall short of expectations and currently sits in fifth in the Pacific League.

Though Team Secret started off their year with a bang, beating Team Liquid 2-0 in their opening VALORANT match at LOCK//IN, they have made some uncharacteristic mistakes and haven’t always looked sharp during league play.

Perhaps their lowest point yet this season was falling 2-0 to the other team from the Philippines in the VCT, RRQ. Though RRQ undoubtedly has some very talented players, they are one of the least experienced teams in the VCT, whereas Team Secret has appeared on the international LAN stage multiple times.

This inconsistency has led fans to wonder if Team Secret is working on kinks as they adjust to league play because there is no doubt the roster has the talent to place higher.

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