Vantage’s tactical ability allows Apex Legends players to get to impossible-to-reach spot

Being knocked down here used to be a one-way ticket back to the lobby.

Vantages tactical ability, Echo Relocation, is one of the most useful movement abilities in Apex Legends. It gives Vantage the ability to execute a leap on par with the distances players can achieve with Octanes ultimate ability, but on a much shorter cooldown. 

Usually, Echo Relocation is used to gain some vertical height. Even if a player isnt trying to get on top of a higher plane, they can get more horizontal distance by launching Vantage at a higher angle. Another use for Vantages tactical, however, is launching downwardsspecifically, down into some lava.

Reddit user NootoriousPingu posted the helpful guide to several different Apex subreddits, demonstrating how players can use Vantages tactical ability to get down and close to the lava in the crevasses of Worlds Edge. Normally, you dont want to touch lava in Apex. In fact, you usually cant get close to the lava thanks to the games updraft system that propels you up and out of those areas in exchange for some damage taken.

But if one of your teammates is unfortunate enough to die in one of those crevasses and you dont have a Crypto on your team, those same updrafts make retrieving their banner impossible. That is, unless you send Echo on a retrieval mission and use Echo Relocation to jump straight down to your teammates death box. The updraft works fairly slowly, allowing you enough time and momentum to go all the way down to the death box and grab the banner before you start being lifted back up.

Its an extremely situational use of Echo Relocation, but its very useful if you ever find yourself needing to grab a banner where you normally would be unable to reach it. Now lets just hope that the distance on the tactical doesnt get nerfed any time soon.

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