Vantage tactical bug lets Apex Legends player create a new hiding spot

You've heard of ratting, now check out batting.

As with any new character that enters Apex Legends, Vantage still has a few rough edges to smooth out. Sure, her kit is undeniably fun, with her ability to gather information from a distance important in teamfights, her ultimate sniper rifle feeling crisp and satisfying to shoot, and her Echo Relocation tactical enabling her to cross huge distances in a single leap.

But that last ability can get a little strange while trying to use it inside a structure, tunnel, or cave. While the tactical ability will jump you over to Echo, it doesnt do so in an exact straight line. Vantage gets a bit of an arc while traveling over horizontal distances to her bat, meaning she reaches a higher vertical point than Echo halfway through her jump. If there are any beams or ceilings in the way, you can get stuck momentarily before dropping to the ground when the normal jump animation would end.

But what if you didnt drop to the ground after catching on to ceiling architecture? Thats the bug that one player found, which opened up a new world of hide-and-seek possibilities.

Reddit user Still_Major posted a clip of Vantage using her tactical ability in the tunnel between Artillery, Crash Site, and Watchtower North. Despite having direct line of sight to Echo, the Vantage still gets caught on an overhanging part of the tunnel ceiling. And then, she just stays there.

As an enemy team tries to track the Vantage down, they run right by her, correctly asserting that no legend can stick and hide to the ceiling in that part of the tunnel. At least, not under normal circumstances. Its unclear if the Vantage was even able to get down from that part of the ceiling at any point or if she was permanently stuck in place, but for the time and place, the bug created the best hiding place imaginable.

Let this be a warning to you or an encouragement. Using Vantage Q indoors causes some weird stuff to happen.

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